Amazonite Spiritual Meaning

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Amazonite is made of Potassium Feldsbar called microline. Amazonite is found in worldwide. The best quality Amazonite is found in Russia.

Amazonite helps the Seeker work out their own individuality. The Seeker is often drawn to Amazonite when they are ready to go on a journey to fulfil their soul on a deeper level. Amazonite aids the Seeker work out their best option to move towards healing and a simpler life.

What are Amazonite crystals used for

Amazonite crystals are used for healing as it has soothing properties. Amazonite has similar properties to the Ace of cups tarot card. Amethyst is a crystal that can help the Seeker forgive and also to regain their personal power. There is often renewal of a talent and a dream when the Seeker is drawn to Amazonite. This crystal helps the Seeker regain their boundaries. When the Seeker feels they need to connect to Amazonite it can mean their boundaries has been broken in their past and they are learning to trust in themselves.

Amazonite crystal meaning

Amazonite speaks of emotional well-being. Amazonite can support you when you are confused about a relationship, especially around co-dependency. In meditation, Amazonite can help the Seeker see what options will be the better ones.

Does Amazonite fade in sunlight

Amazonite is a popular stone used in jewellery. In sunlight, the green hue can fade and lose its vibrant color. You can learn more about Amazonite here.

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