Ametrine Spiritual Meaning

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Ametrine consists of a combination of Amethysts and Citrine.

Ametrine is a crystal that helps the Seeker find their path away from difficulties. The Seeker could find themselves between two polar opposites and they must depend on their own better judgement. Ametrine speaks of the long term gain rather than short term. Spiritually, it speaks of a divine connection that helps you stay grounded and connected to Earth.

People are drawn to Amethysts when they are ready to trust in their intution to make a leap forward. They are ready to learn and refine their knowledge and skills.

Ametrine Crystal Properties

Ametrine speaks of the life meaning one experience after a divine wake-up call. Everything now has a deeper meaning. Ametrine is similar to 7 of pentacles tarot card at its most positive. It speaks of patience and working on what has to be done to have long term success. It speaks of having substance and to enjoy life’s daily routine.

How to tell if an Ametrine is real

There are ways you can separate natural Ametrine from syntethic Ametrine if you use a polarized light and examine its intergrowth of left-and right-handed quartz. You can learn about how to separate natural from syntethic Ametrinehere.

Ametrine Metaphysical properties

Due to the blend of Amethyst and Citrine in the Ametrine, this crystal speaks of finding balance in your life and also to understand the different energies at play in your life. Ametrine is wonderful when the Seeker needs to stick to their path rather than bouncing from one thing to the next. There is strong spiritual guidance operating in the Seeker’s life when they are drawn to Ametrine, and the Seeker could have overcome obsessive and greedy people, sistuations, and behaviour. Ametrine is a peaceful crystal and it promotes spiritual purification through connecting to the land.

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