Angelite Spiritual Meaning

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Angelite is a crystal that supports the Seeker when they are working on creating more joy and balance in their life. Old stubborness could be peeling off when the Seeker is drawn to working with Angelite. There is new and exciting energy around the corner and the Seeker could be soon on a new path in their life. Angelite is a wonderful crystal to work with if you want to manifest love in your life, both in deeper friendship and in romance.

Angelite Crystal Meaning

Angelite is a crystal that will help you deepen your spiritual connection by releasing old patterns that no longer serve you. Perhaps old emotions resurface to be released and meditation is very helpful when working with Angelite. Many Seekers work with Angelite to connect deeper to their guardian angels. Angelite has similar properties to Ace of cups tarot card.

When was Angelite discovered

Angelite crystal was discovered in 1987. It is the trading name for the mineral Anhydrate. It is only found in Peru. Angelite is a calcium sulfate mineral that contains no water. You can learn more about Angelite here.

What is the benefits of Angelite

Angelite is beneficial for the user when they want to feel more support in their life. Perhaps they are in a caring role, but they feel unsupported and uncared for in their own lives. Angelite will help the Seeker realise that there are divine love and support in their life. Everything will come together.

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