Apophyllite Spiritual Meaning

Apophyllite spiritual meaning

Apophyllite is a crystal consisting of Fluorapophyllite, Hydroxyapophyllite, and Natroapophyllite. It is brittle in tenacity. It is transparant to translucent. Apophyllite is a crystal that helps the Seeker find life direction. The lesson of this Apophyllite is for the Seeker to stand up for themselves and to stay strong in their own energy. This is … Read more

Angelite Spiritual Meaning

Angelite spiritual meaning

Angelite is a crystal that supports the Seeker when they are working on creating more joy and balance in their life. Old stubborness could be peeling off when the Seeker is drawn to working with Angelite. There is new and exciting energy around the corner and the Seeker could be soon on a new path … Read more

Aquamarine Spiritual Meaning

Aquamarine spiritual meaning

Aquamarine is a crystal made up of Beryl. Aquamarine is a crystal that helps the Seeker stay true to their highest and best. Aquamarine will help guide the Seeker towards a better environment. The Seeker is drawn to Aquamarine when there could be bullying and unhealthy patterns of behaviour between people. Aquamarine is drawn to … Read more

Amazonite Spiritual Meaning

Amazonite spiritual meaning

Amazonite is made of Potassium Feldsbar called microline. Amazonite is found in worldwide. The best quality Amazonite is found in Russia. Amazonite helps the Seeker work out their own individuality. The Seeker is often drawn to Amazonite when they are ready to go on a journey to fulfil their soul on a deeper level. Amazonite … Read more

Ametrine Spiritual Meaning

Ametrine spiritual meaning

Ametrine consists of a combination of Amethysts and Citrine. Ametrine is a crystal that helps the Seeker find their path away from difficulties. The Seeker could find themselves between two polar opposites and they must depend on their own better judgement. Ametrine speaks of the long term gain rather than short term. Spiritually, it speaks … Read more

Amethyst Spiritual Meaning

Amethyst spiritual meaning

Amethyst consits of a variety of quartz and is made up of silicon dioxide. Amethyst crystals is found in Brazil within volcanic rocks. Spiritually, Amethyst can help the Seeker detatch from group thinking and pressure. Amethyst can aid the Seeker in finding their spiritual truths, and also how to navigate emotional waters. Many are drawn … Read more

Agate Spiritual Meaning

Agate crystal meanings

Agate is a stone formation created by changing rock formation and volcanic rocks. It consists of chalcedony and quartz, and its a common rock formation that exists in a variety of colours. Spiritually, Agate can aid the Seeker in finding clarity through working through difficult emotional situations, especially through forgiveness and moving away from hardship. … Read more

Selenite Spiritual Meaning

Selenite is a crystal that will help the Seeker be patient and wait for a more optimum time to manifest. The Seeker could feel there is a lack of interest in their daily life when they are drawn to Selenite. They want to see the world through a stronger metaphysical lense. Selenite is a great … Read more

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