Tarot Booth

About Tarot Booth

Tarot Booth is a sister site to Tarotingie. While Tarotingie grew and grew, the issue became site speed and user experience. As a siteowner, I decided to create Tarot Booth and move some of the heavy code that run the free reading widgets and chat rooms to a new site.

By intertwining my two sites together this way, I hope to give you the best user experience.

On this site, you can browse Readers from Oranum and Kasamba. Read their reviews and get a feel for which reader is best for you. You might also want to learn how to become your own best reader. For this, I have tarotingie.com, a free online tarot database that will help you develop your own tarot and intuitive abilities. I also offer courses and I also have private tarot and rune playlists on my Patreon site. I also have an Android app with free reading widgets using Tarot, Oracle cards, and Runes. Enjoy my sites, and Bless you on your Journey.

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