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Oracle card meanings

Thor norse mythology

It is time to take action. If nothing is happening you will have to kick up a storm and make it happen. Keep your eyes on the price at all times. What do you want to achieve? Start planning your life in a big way. Thor’s message is clear. Time for action is now.
A strong person is crossing your path. He is competitive, protective, charming and confident. He might be very tall and/or have a larger than life personality. It is every possibility you will be swept off your feet. Thor can also denote a competitor in the love department. This man also has integrity and only wants what is his. The question is; does he know where to draw the line? If you are a ‘Thor’ you might attract people that need your protection, help, and assistance.

Feelings: If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, Thor means the person feels protective towards you and also feel they need to ‘save’ you or ‘rescue’ you. Whether or not you actually need rescuing is another matter. 

Odin norse mythology

You are the most powerful person in your life and the only one that can bring on changes in your circumstances. Odin reminds you to use those powers and to use them wisely. Remember Odin is powerful because he has a lot of knowledge. Knowledge is power, especially combined with kindness and compassion. Connect to your own Truth, and live without making to many compromises. You are an authority and can achieve great success if you follow through with your plans.

In love, Odin denotes you are more powerful together than on your own. If you are seeking love, Odin says your soulmate will complement you in a wonderful way, and you will be like One person.

Feelings: If you are asking how someone is feeling, Odin means you are feeling empowered by a situation or by a person. The person might feel you are making him/her more powerful than what they are on their own. They feel they can achieve anything with you by their side. 

freya norse mythology

Freya is the match-making goddess tirelessly bringing soulmates together. If she comes up in a reading then there is a soulmate connection in your life, or someone special will soon enter. If you put your hand on your heart and close your eyes, you will realise that your dreams can truly be yours. Send your fears to the Creator’s light. All you have to do is to ask for your highest and best, most compatible, divine soulmate to enter your life now. Maybe you have already met.
You have an irresistible charisma now that makes it easy to manifest love. If you are single, this card can denote you will soon meet your soulmate. If you are in a relationship, this card speaks of a wonderful and romantic time in your relationship.

Feelings: If you are asking about how someone is feeling towards you, Freya denotes the person most likely has romantic feelings towards you and are very attracted to your energy. You are irresistible right now. 

valkyries norse mythology

The fearless and confident shape-shifting Valkyries know the sweet taste of victory. In your current situation, you need to have confidence in yourself as the Valkyries tell you that victory is yours. They possess the ability to shape-shift, something that gives them the ability to hide and strike at the right time. Timing is important so blend in until the time is right to make your move. The right time to exit is also important as the Valkyries have the power of flight.

You might meet women who are very powerful and sometimes intimidating. However, if you allow it you will form a strong bond with them. They will offer you protection, love, and friendship. If you are looking for love then spend more time with female friends or groups where women are gathering. Team-play is the key to success in this situation.

Feelings: If you are asking about how someone is feeling towards you, the Valkyries indicate the person feels you are a friend and an ally. 

hugin and munin norse mythology

Hugin(thought) and Munin(memory) are Odin’s two pet ravens who are known to whisper information to Odin about news occurring in Midgard. If you draw this card it means that you can access psychic information with ease by listening to your inner whispers. There are memories from past lives and of heavenly realms that are available to you now. Whatever life lesson you are currently undergoing there is a past life connection. Listen to your inner guidance and ask the matter to be resolved in the highest and best way.
This is a reminder that you have loved ones on the other side that are with you, guiding you and helping you. Know that you are very much loved and never alone. This card also represents love from animal spirits and dear pets. Someone from your past might resurface soon to offer support and love.

Feelings: If you are asking about how someone is feeling towards you, Hugin and Munin indicate the person feels nostalgic about you. Perhaps you share a lot of memories, perhaps you in his/her past, or perhaps you remind the person of someone they miss that is no longer there. 

verdandi norse mythology

Verdandi, the Norn of the present is one of the three weavers creating the web of Wyrd. This card is a reminder that you are a Co-Creator, and you have the power to change your reality and your future. Think of what you want in your life, and imagine it as if you already have it. You might be shielded from situations and people that are of low vibrations when this card shows up. Someone might also be keeping secrets from you, or not sharing all the information. Ask to see the highest truth of the situation.
You might have some doubts about what to do when it comes to your relationships. When the time is right, you will know what to do. Verdandi is also reminding you to avoid gossip. Do you keep what you hear sacred? If someone is gossiping about you forgive them and let go. Release you fears about moving forward. It is time to take the next step in your journey. Forgiveness and moving forward will bring peace of mind and love.

Feelings: If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, Verdandi indicates the person could have some trust issues and are keeping you at bay. He/she is not going to be forthcoming about their true feelings which is often deeper than they want to admit. 

ullr norse mythology

Ullr is the great hunter and risk-taker. It is time to get out of your comfort zone and follow your heart’s desires. To do that you must know what it is you truly want. Only then will your decisions acts like Ullr’s arrows. They never fail to hit their targets. Ask to receive what is yours by divine right and keep your goals in ‘sight’. Your life will start unfolding in amazing ways.
Someone likes the hunting game. A very attractive and confident person will most likely be entering your life. Life will never be boring as long as this person is around. If you are looking for love then Ullr reminds you to believe in yourself and to be confident. Be assertive and a leader to attract a soulmate.

Feelings: If you are asking what someone is feeling, Ullr indicates the person is feeling very motivated and driven to succeed and to get what they want. The person might not be interested in a romantic relationship, however, if they are, you will know, because this card indicates the person will not hide his/her feelings from you. 

hella norse mythology

If life or a situation feels like a hell then you must turn it around. Hella is a mouldering corpse on one side and a beautiful woman on the other. Life can be both ugly and beautiful. It can be heaven and hell. If it is more like hell than turn around and look at the heaven that awaits you. To do that you must turn around the negative thought forms in your head to positive ones and soon your life and/or situation will turn around.
Love is everywhere. Avoid any negative thought forms about love and relationships. Affirm your heavenly relationships daily and your love life will soon improve. Remember you are very beautiful. Live your life allowing yourself to be beautiful and stop hiding from love.

Feelings: If you are asking what someone is feeling, Hella indicates the person has mixed feelings, is unsure, and/or perhaps hot/cold. The person could be having difficulties regulating their emotions and might be holding a lot of dual beliefs about the situation or person you are asking about.

loki norse mythology

Someone is not what they seem. Loki’s mask of innocence is melting away as the fire god is unable to hide his true identity any longer. The hidden agenda of this person might actually end up favourably in your situation. However, be cautious in who you trust. Loki is the god of chaos and can signify sudden change.
Sometimes Loki shows up in a reading when someone has been hurt and a relationship has ended. The relationship was an illusion and the truth can be bitter right now. Avoid allowing this relationship to harden your heart and don’t lose your faith in love. Learn from it and move on. A much happier relationship is awaiting you as soon as you release this pain from the past. In a relationship, Loki can denote arguments.

Feelings: Loki denotes chaotic feelings and sometimes anger/rage/jealousy. If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, Loki denotes there are feelings running high and you must tread carefully. 

frey norse mythology

Frey is the god of fertility and the king of horses. Your family is important right now as this card can denote a family increase. It is a highly favourable card to draw if you are planning on having a baby. It is also important that you give birth to your creative ideas. There is a lot of fairy energy around you at the moment. Be in nature as much as possible to nurture your ‘fertile’ energy. Frey is the most Positive card to get in all situations, and denote a very favourable outcome.
You and your loved one might nurture having a child together or maybe you share the passion for certain projects and/or organisations. If you are single then a person who loves animals will enter your life. This person has a pure heart.

Feelings: If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, Frey denotes he/she has a pure heart and their intentions are true. This is someone who has substance and depth to them. 

baldur norse mythology

You shine like the god of light and people love to be in your company. This card denotes that you have outgrown a part of your life, and you are discovering a new way of life, and/or a new attitude to life. You are learning to enjoy life more and to stress less in situations.
There is a connection to someone young and beautiful who might have a troubled past. This person will have turned their life around. If you are this person then Baldur reminds you that whatever has happened in the past you must live in the present moment. It is in this moment you will shine your light and life your life with love and joy.

Feelings: If you are asking about how someone is feeling about you, Baldur denotes new feelings, joyful and enthusiastic feelings, and/or renewed feelings. Someone could be falling in love all over again. 

frigga norse mythology

The mother goddess Frigga represents your soulfamily and this card assures you happy endings to your current situation. Your earthly family and your soulfamily may or may not always be the same. Now is the time for you to connect closer to your soulfamily, some of whom you may not have met yet. Put your hand on your heart and say this prayer command: ‘Creator of all that is, it is my intent and my commanded to connect with my soulfamily now, that I will recognise and know my soulfamily, now, forever, and always, in a way that brings me joy and happiness, and in the highest and best way, thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done.
Frigga denotes a happy outcome in love, and it also means now is a time for expansion. Caring for others, especially children and animals, brings more joy to the situation. Love is rushing through your veins. Your family is blossoming and abundance and happiness are with you. Avoid allowing your worries and concerns about other’s well-being get in the way of your inner peace. Affirm that the Creator is taking care of everything and that everyone is safe and well. In love, Frigga denotes a time of bliss for everyone in the family.

Feelings: If you are asking what someone is feeling about you, Frigga denotes love and warmth, and it is the kind of love that nurture, soothes and comforts. 

heimdal norse mythology

Heimdal is Loki’s fierce enemy as Heimdal is the god of order. This card denotes more structure and order in your own life, and implementing this is also the key to success in the situation. Heimdal is forever watching the rainbow bridge between heaven and earth. If you want to create your own personal heaven you must watch who you allow crossing over your rainbow bridge. Have proper boundaries with those who want to be in your life, and make sure they give as much as they take.
Someone might have hurt you and you are afraid of letting new people in. Are you watching the rainbow bridge too carefully? Make sure you are observing what is read instead of seeing only the past in new people and situations. Heimdal also represents a person with strong boundaries that prefers order over chaos. This person will most likely be working in law enforcement or any other career that strongly focuses on law and order.

Feelings: If you are asking what someone feels about you, Heimdal speaks of someone with strong boundaries who needs to get to know someone very well before they allow themselves to love on a deeper level. 

rind norse mythology

Your flow has been frozen, but it has a purpose. This is not the right time to move forward. You need to know more about the situation before you can make a major decision. Rind warns against hasty decisions. She says you must ‘keep your cool’. Sometimes less is more and ‘biting your tongue’ will give you the best outcome now.
This card shows up when the Seeker is being urged to take things slow. This card can also mean the Seeker needs to cool down a bit in their relationships to avoid drama. There are some hidden factors operating. Wait until the ice has melted before making your move. Rind also represents an ‘ice queen’. Avoid taking things personally.

Feelings: If you are asking what someone is feeling, Rind speaks of being unsure and holding off making a decision in regards to how he/she is feeling. This card can mean the person is confused in regards to feeling or feelings are cooling off.

draupnir norse mythology

Draupnir is the marvellous ring that replicates itself into eight other identical rings every ninth night. When this card shows up in a reading then your abundance will also replicate itself in wondrous ways. It can be in form of passive income or as a business opportunity with many income potentials. It can also be a job offer or a promotion. Odin who owned Draupnir distributed the rings as it pleased him. To stay abundant it is important to also be kind and generous.Your abundance is endless.
This card denotes a relationship that is secure and abundant. This card can also mean having a lot of option in love. When Draupnir shows up the Seeker might be showered with gifts and romantic gestures. These are enjoyable times for sure.

Feelings: If you are asking how someone is feeling, Draupnir denotes someone who seeks abundance and success, and who wants to be in a wealthy relationship. You need to find out if the person is willing to share his/hers abundance or if he/she wants what does not belong to them. 

north star norse mythology

Your life purpose is calling you. To find your life purpose you must follow the North Star. The North Star is your inner voice that is always guiding you and always knows what to do. To hear your inner voice you must quite your mind and trust in your own abilities. Raise your standards and reach for the stars. You have more to give and plenty more to receive if you expect more of yourself. You will blossom when you use your natural abilities. Take time to nurture your talents and your personal relationships will flourish.
Love and relationships are part of your life purpose. You and your partner might be on the same path at the moment. This card also denotes a ‘Star person’. A “Star person’ is someone with many incarnations on other planets. This person will have a special energy, very peaceful and wise. If you are single, your soulmate could be a star person, and will soon enter your life. If in a relationship, creating peace and harmony is the most important thing at the moment.

Feelings: If you are asking about how someone is feeling, the person is finding themselves, possibly for the first time in their life. They might feel a deep connection with you and you are sharing the same destiny/life purpose. 

sleipnir norse mythology

Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse of Odin and son of Loki tells you: ‘It doesn’t matter where you come from, only where you are going’. You have the abilities and opportunities to create great wealth for yourself. As Sleipnir could access all the nine worlds of creation, you now have access to many different worlds of opportunities. Get in touch with your entrepreneurial skills and stay clear of stepping on people’s toes. Sleipnir could gallop across the fields without leaving any footprints. Avoid putting your roots in too deep now, because you will soon be on your feet and on the go.
Get ready to travel. Powerful inner journeys and astral travels are also on the cards. It is like the universe has opened itself up to you to show you how endlessly abundant it is. It wants to share it with you and you will receive many divine ideas and inspirations. Sleipnir also stands for someone of a different social background to yours, and through this person, you are invited to a world you have never before have experienced.

Feelings: If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, Sleipnir denotes the person is very curious about you. Something about you has sparked an interest in them. They can’t figure you out and it is keeping his/her intrigued. 

njord norse mythology

Njord is the benevolent sea god for fjords and harbours. The answer to your question is connected to a foreign land and you may have to travel overseas. Njord assures you that the trip will be very satisfying and bring winds to your sail. All you have to do is to raise the sail. Njord is very patient and lets you know that what is worth having is worth waiting for. This card also represents visitors from overseas and the importance to spend time by the ocean.
If you are looking for love then guess what? There is every chance your soulmate is overseas. If you are already in a relationship then going on an overseas trip together will be hugely beneficial. Njord also represents a person who has a strong connection to the water. This person is a safe haven and a resting place for you, especially if you have experienced some ‘rough sea’ lately.

Feelings: If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, Njord denotes the person feels a spiritual connection with you and enjoys long and soulful conversations with you. This person feels peaceful in your presence and he/she might tell you things they feel they cannot tell anyone else. 

yggdrasil norse mytology

Yggdrasil is the world tree Odin hung under to learn all the secrets of the runes. It gives this card the meaning ‘learning through sacrifice’; however, it doesn’t mean hard life lessons. It means that you have to be able to ‘sacrifice’ your old paradigm and belief systems that are no longer for your highest and best. Only then will you have room for the new to come in. Sometimes to tear down your old belief systems you must go to where you can learn something new. Maybe you need to enrol in a class. Maybe you need to read about something you know little about or simply to listen to someone who wants to share their story with you. Put your hand on your heart and ask your soul what it wants to learn. All your soul wants to do is to learn. Enjoy the experience.
If you are single then enrolling to do classes in something you are interested in have every chance of being a very rewarding experience, as this card denotes it could bring love to you. If you are in a relationship then learning something new together will bring you even closer. You might end up with a whole new circle of friends as well.

Feelings: If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, Yggdrasil denotes a strong cerebral connection between you and the person you are asking about. You most likely share very similar life experiences and can relate on so many levels. You understand each other on a deep level. 

web of wyrd norse mythology

Life is a game. The question is: ‘how well are you playing it’? The weavers of fate have you intertwined with everyone else in the universe. Are you merely a piece of a bigger game or are you the lead character in your own show? To step out of everyone else’s agenda you need to have your own. You must be aware of spiritual laws to play well. What you wish for others is what you will receive for yourself. Rid yourself of jealousy and envy and only wish well on those around you. Never ruin someone’s reputation as your reputation will quickly be tarnished. When you start believing in yourself, you will soar higher than you ever thought possible. You are no longer one of many. You are an individual.
If single, this card can mean finding love online. If in a relationship, this card asks you to take some time to think about what you want out of your relationship. Are other people’s opinions hurting your relationship? Are too many people allowed looking into your private lives? This card shows up when we need to focus more on our own lives, and care less about what everyone else is thinking.

Feelings: If you are asking about how someone is feeling about you, Web of wyrd denotes the person is afraid of getting hurt and could be playing games to hide their vulnerability. This person could be more comfortable communicating using texts/emails, etc than face to face. 

skadi norse mythology

Skadi is the goddess of youth and winter and is a fearless hunter and warrior. She lives life to the fullest even amongst the harshest of conditions. She never allows her surroundings to stand in her way; in fact, she thrives under harsh conditions. Stop worrying about what others think of you and get out of your own way. Life is about to speed up and throw you into your ‘flow’. There you must carve out a life for yourself based on your preferences, dreams, and desires. Your life and abundance are there for you to grab. Skadi made her own luck and became very successful indeed.
Skadi has a failed marriage behind her to Njord. They were too different and Skadi ended up meeting her soulmate in the mountains, the great hunter, and wanderer Ullr. This card lets you know the importance of being with someone who is compatible with you. Skadi can also represent a person who enjoys pushing boundaries, and who enjoys adventures in personal relationships. This card also represents a fun and action-packed relationship.

Feelings: If you are asking about how someone is feeling, Skadi denotes someone who could be pushing your buttons to get a reaction. This person wants to have as many experiences they can with you before they decide if you are compatible or not. 

sol norse mythology

Sol is the Norwegian word for sun and was considered to be a female giantess goddess and healer also known as Sunna. In the Arctic, the sun disappears during what is called the ‘dark period’. You might have gone through your own dark periods and maybe even injustices have been done against you. Sol ensures you that when she resurfaces over the mountains her lips will no longer be sealed. Someone will stand up for you and speak the truth. You will have justice. This is also a card for success and happiness and a new beginning.
Sol is here to teach you about unconditional love. Nothing you say or do can stop the sun from being there, even when it is clouded the sun is still there. Even after a dark night, the sun is there for you in the morning. It never goes away; it only disappears from your awareness. Know that everything is as it should. Everything is taken care of. Sol can represent a person who will come into your life to heal your scars from the past. This person will teach you that you deserve to be loved and how it feels to be loved unconditionally.

Feelings: If you are asking about how someone is feeling about you, Sol indicates true love and joyful love. This is the card for unconditional love. 

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