Free Rune Readings

Rune Spreads

The Rainbow Bridge spread ~ How to reach your goal.

Rune 1. Current situation

Rune 2. Is your beliefs helping or hindering reaching your goal

Rune 3. What do you need to obtain a positive outcome

Rune 4. The best way forward

Rune 5. Most likely outcome

The Freya Spread ~ The Soulmate Spread

Rune 1. Feelings and beliefs about love and romance

Rune 2. How ready are you to commit

Rune 3. What is the best thing you can do to manifest love

Rune 4. Who is your soulmate

Rune 5. How will you meet

Rune 6. How will you know he/she is the one

Rune 7. Most likely outcome.

The Yggdrasil spread ~ Life overview spread

Rune 1. Niflheim: The Subconscious beliefs creating this situation.

Rune 2. Jotunheim: Obstacles to overcome in this situation.

Rune 3. Helheim. Beliefs to change to have the best result.

Rune 4. Vanaheim. What is working to your benefit.

Rune 5. Nidavellir. Personal growth in this situation.

Rune 6. Midgard. Your current environment.

Rune 7. Alfheim. Spiritual help/gifts available to you now.

Rune 8. Muspelheim. What to avoid.

Rune 9. Asgard. Goals, outcomes, and achievements.

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