Free Tarot Readings with the Hanson-Robert’s Deck

Choose From the Celtic Cross and the Soulmate Spread.

If you like the Hanson-Robert’s deck, you can get your own here (amazon link).

Major Arcana Card Meanings

FoolMagicianHigh PriestessEmpressEmperorHierophantLoversChariotStrengthHermitWheel of fortuneJusticeHanged ManDeathTemperanceDevilTowerStarMoonSunJudgementWorld.

Wands Tarot Card Meanings

Ace of wandstwo of wandsthree of wandsfour of wandsfive of wandssix of wandsseven of wandseight of wandsnine of wandsten of wands page of wandsknight of wandsqueen of wandsking of wands.

Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Ace of cupstwo of cupsthree of cups, four of cupsfive of cupssix of cupsseven of cupseight of cupsnine of cupsten of cupspage of cupsknight of cupsqueen of cupsking of cups.

Swords Tarot Card Meanings

Ace of swordstwo of swordsthree of swordsfour of swordsfive of swordssix of swordsseven of swordseight of swordsnine of swordsten of swords, page of swordsknight of swordsqueen of swordsking of swords.

Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings

Ace of pentaclestwo of pentaclesthree of pentaclesfour of pentaclesfive of pentaclessix of pentaclesseven of pentacleseight of pentaclesnine of pentaclesten of pentaclespage of pentaclesknight of pentaclesqueen of pentaclesking of pentacles.

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